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Pontoons, Modular Floating Dock and Floating Dock Systems Aqua Construction the leaders in all things pontoon have launched the long awaited Aqua Pontoon Series with a range of varying styles to suit every budget, location and requirements. Cable Pontoons A light weight pontoon which can be brought ex-factory or installed by our experienced staff. This model can be transported by a car trailer or small truck. Constructed with the highest grade materials starting from the aluminium deck right through to the floatation system. Custom made aluminium deck with rounded corners. Durable and environmentally friendly floatation system. Ideal for canals with the problems of sand build up as this model only draws 1 inch. Would also suit dams and lakes as this is an affordable starting point to your boating experience. This model comes with your choice of marine carpet colour and all pontoons come with a high density foamed filled fender. Call us on 1300 207 848 or Contact us for a Free Quote today

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