Jetty Licenses in the Gold Coast Area

Are you planning to have a jetty constructed? That’s a good thing but before you start buying any material, make sure to know what are the licensing requirements for it. In the Gold Coast area and in the entire Australia, all jetties require a license. This is to ensure that the jetty is not in the way of navigating vessels and meets all standards safety and maintenance.

Types of Jetty Licenses

Jetties for different purposes will have different licenses. You have to know ahead of time which one you want to build to get the proper license.

1. Commercial
If you plant to do business like renting out jet skies and boats, you would need a commercial license.

2. Private
If the jetty is for family use only, all you need is a private license.

3. Public
A public license is necessary when the applicant is a public entity and the purpose of the jetty is for public use.

You can’t begin constructing you new jetty until the license has been released. You have to make sure that the structure that you want done conforms to the approved specifications. Make sure to submit all drawings and site plans for easier approval process.

When all these things are somewhat daunting to you, don’t forget to call Aqua Constructions and we will help you get the right paperworks going. We have installed a lot of jetties in the Gold Coast area and we know the legal requirements like the back of our hands. You don’t need to worry nor shoulder the burden of processing on your own because we are here to help you get through it and have your jetty constructed. Give us a call and we will discuss what you need in order to get a jetty license.

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